Open Competition Winners

New & Emerging Technology Winner

Christine Boyle

Senergy Solar Thermal panels designed to easily integrate with buildings and deliver the next generation of reliable, affordable and emission free heating and cooling.
Sustainability Winner

Christel de Bakker

Linking a light system with occupancy sensors.
Leadership Winner

Aaron Wright

The Construction Channel. A creative engine focused on the business of building and construction entertainment.
New & Emerging Technology Runner Up

Jonathan Knight

Clearvue – A smart reversing safety camera system. Clearvue is an innovative safety product reducing vehicle reversing incidents in the construction and mining industry.
Sustainability Runner Up

Anastasiia Zagainova and Klara Keutel

Developing a quick-scan framework for selection and assessment of sustainable innovations for real estate development.
Leadership Runner Up

Steve Cawley

A reverse mentoring programme to support the closer integration of the diversity of people in the construction industry, for their own and their organisation’s success.

Undergraduate Competition Winners

Undergraduate Winner

Hiu Chun Kam

The Fall of Architect, Engineer and Construction Firms. The Rise of the Building Firm.
Undergraduate Runner Up

Mateusz Kotowicz

Sustainability during construction

Other Prizes

Bouygyues Special Discretionary R&D Award
A special discretionary prize awarded by Bouygues UK to what it considers to be the most promising application. The winner of this prize is offered the opportunity for their idea to be taken forward as part of Bouygues UK Corporate R&D programme.

Christel de Bakker

Linking a light system with occupancy sensors.
COINS Software Innovation Award
A special discretionary prize awarded by COINS for what it considers the most promising software-related submissions in the Grand Challenge. The winner receives an internship with COINS research and development to further develop their ideas.

Usman Ahmed

Dynamic Collaborative Planning (DCP) – Responding to change.


Congratulations as well to the others who were shortlisted for the final judging

Michael Evans

New carbon negative fire retardant and moisture control building materials made from CO2 captured from industrial CO2 emissions.

Peyman Babakhani

The combination of wind-catcher, solar-chimney, and greenhouse to harness carbon dioxide emissions from buildings.

Cristal Pina

Integrating self-cleaning systems for facade glazing.

Christiaan Hesse

Collaboration and Delivery Unit.

Yang Zou

Use of Previous Knowledge and Lessons for Assisting Lifecycle Project Risk Management Through a Risk Case Retrieval System Supported by Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Ana Zapata

Magnetic Connections for faster construction with lower material consumption.

Courtney Brown

Student Collaborative Platform and Market.

Emre Yildirim

New and Emerging Technologies.