Grand Challenge 2015 Winners

New & Emerging Technology Winner

Jacob Johnson

Solar desalination
Involving the purification of salt or fresh water without the grid and simultaneously providing a sustainable energy source. For more information, read this case study about his entry.
Leadership 35 Winner

Toby Quirk

Improving the environmental impact of construction in the residential sector by creating government schemes to enforce and reward the development and purchase of greener homes.
Bouygues UK Special R&D Award Winner

Hermione Crease

PurrMetrix – more comfort for less energy from HVAC.  
For more information, read this case study about her entry.
New & Emerging Technology Runner Up

Toby Ferenczi

Smart electric storage heat.
Leadership 35 Runner Up

Anielle Guedes

URBAN3D – Solving the houselessness problem through disruptive technology
3-month Bouygues UK internship

Tim Errington

Creating sustainable domestic refurbishment options/benchmarks for the current UK housing stock.
3-month Bouygues UK internship

Alex C Y Wong

Building stories: one bit at a time.


Congratulations as well to the others who were shortlisted for the final judging

Bianca Baciu

An initial feasibility study of algae photobioreactor technology.

Iain Knowles

The use of smart meter analytics to reduce domestic energy consumption and identify further energy saving opportunities within the built environment.

Elena Lopez

Cüber, a new experience of measuring and drawing projection, surprisingly simple.

Nathan Moriarty

Synchronising the energy storage capacity of electric vehicles with renewable energy supply, to facilitate decarbonisation of transportation and electric grids.

Renard Siew

Embedding sustainability competencies in the construction industry.