2022 Winners

Open Competition & COINS Software Innovation Winner: Isabelle Gough – Cercula

Idea: Delivering construction carbon metrics with AI

To lower carbon in the built environment, we must measure construction carbon. However, quality carbon data is difficult to access and handle. Cercula presents an AI powered automated delivery system for construction carbon, that integrates easily into the construction workflow through Excel, BIM or API.

"Winning the Grand Challenge is really validating for what we're doing. It shows that we have meaningful technology. We're deploying it in an area which is really needed and that there is real market acceptance for what we're doing."

Open Competition Runner Up: Jack Cornes – HausBots

Idea: Wall Climbing Robot for Inspection of Critical Infrastructure

HausBots have developed a patent-pending wall-climbing robot designed for the inspection and maintenance of the built environment. Capable of climbing up any surface this will increase safety, reduce cost and speed up work at height.

"It feels great to be a runner up in the Grand Challenge. We've made some brilliant connections through this competition, and hopefully this gives us a launchpad for the next stage of our business."

Joint Winner Undergraduate Competition: Subarna Sivashanmugam

Idea: Optimising Building Circularity using BIM and LCA data-repositories

A digital platform, driven by linked-data technologies to optimise building circularity through semantic integration of BIM and LCA databases. A unified data structure, interoperability, and automated system are the critical areas of this work. This platform allows the supply chain to measure and manage life-cycle emissions resulting from excessive raw material consumption and waste generation

"Winning this competition is a confidence booster for me, and it will help me to enhance my idea further.  This is a kind of approval from the construction industry who are the end user of innovation."

Joint Winner Undergraduate Competition: Lai Jun Tung, Chen Zi Mun and Hiew Wing Yian

Idea: Food waste interlocking concrete with cladding (FWC+)

FWC+ marries a cleaner, cheaper construction process and utilisation of sustainable food waste materials. This product uses organic waste as ingredients to produce cement and coarse aggregates. Coupled with biomass energy to fuel the production process, the operational product and manufacturing process produce less carbon emission than traditional concrete production.

"I feel grateful to have the opportunity to attend COINS Grand Challenge and I feel overwhelmed. It's a very great honour to have this support. FWC+ is food waste interlocking concrete with cladding. It is a product that is made from a process that uses food waste to create cement and sand."

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